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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mamma Mia ! Here I Go Again !!

The cast delivering an unbelievable live performance

We have watched the movie twice in the cinema, numerous times in video and finally we could not resist the musical. Mamma Mia ! Here I Go Again ! My My ! How Can I Resist You ?

Mamma Mia the musical is the first musical I've watched in Malaysia and I have to say it's truly amazing. The non-stop music, energetic dancing and superb performance from the cast leaves you wondering if the music and singing is pre-recorded but no, it wasn't. The audience had sang and dance along with the music towards the end of the show.

We truly enjoyed the show and when we reached home, we had another round of Mamma Mia the movie with my sis, nieces and my maid.

Everytime when we say or sing Mamma Mia, Amber follow the tune with "" Here I Go Again".. lol