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Monday, December 22, 2008

Ant Killers

Our new house was/has swarmed by ants (the big black and the tiny red variety) ever since we moved in. They have been hiding in the wooden skirtings and underneath tiles. The moment they smell something fishy, they'll make a killer for it and sometimes it's unsightly to have hundreds of ants running around.

The ants moving towards Once For All

Once For All .... my saviour when it comes to ants

Couple of years ago, my sis recommended me this 'ant killer' -more-effective-than-others- ant powder. It's only available in Singapore. It comes in a pellet form and all you need to do is cut a small hole in the pellet, let the ants 'smell' and 'savour' the ant food. They will bring it back to their nest to be enjoyed and shared by the rest and the powder will kill the colony (supposedly lah). Unlike the pesticide spray which keeps the ants away, this pellet is very appetizing to the ants. I have been waiting eagerly for my sis to visit me with the ant powder pellets.

Sister and hubs watching the ants enjoying their 'food'

Here is hubs and sis watching the ants. True enough , the next morning, the ants lingering around the kitchen floor skirting disappeared, with a little bit of food from the pellets missing. I hope it's a Once and For All solution for me to get rid of the ants. I don't want them all over the kitchen and utensils.