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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mamma Mia ! How Can I Resist You !

We have one last remaining hotel voucher from Renaissance , a hi tea for 2 and so, to the Temptations Cafe, we went. Guess what ? We met the entire cast of Mamma Mia at the lobby. They were just about to leave for Istana Budaya. The cast were a friendly lot and we took some photos with them.

with 'Harry Bright' aka Mr Spontaneous

with 'Sam Carmichael'

I was asking 'Sam Carmichael' how they did the live performance so seamlessly, we could not detect any 'mic' at all. It seems it's clipped to the hair in the forehead and there's a wire running over to the back. Amazing isn't it ?

Renaissance Hotel , the official hotel

Amber relishing her chicken satay
As usual, Amber had more fun playing with the food, instead of eating them. She messed herself up with honey and I had to clean her up and give her a change of clothing. I know my daughter very well, there's no way she can keep sitting still on a dining table and I had better allow her to have some mischief with the food so I can eat in peace !

Balloons - a poodle and a hat
Mr Clown appeared and started twisting and turning balloons for the kids. Amber's 'poodle' got
untangled twice and had to ask for new 'poodles'. She had a lot of fun and was so happy and excited to get to choose her balloon shapes. This time, instead of the usual 'pink flower' , she chose a dog (poodle) and hat. The other kids all had 2 or 3 balloons each. Mr Clown did keep the kids happy and let the parents enjoy their meal in peace too !

with Mr Clown

Very happy and contented

Knocked out.. in the car