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Monday, December 22, 2008

Amber's Shopping Mischief

Amber in the evening, knackered out from whole day of shopping !!

When Ah Poh Yee Yee came to visit, Amber had a whale of time going shopping and here's some photos of her, taken over the weekend of fun filled shopping , shopping and more shopping. Never had I covered 2 major shopping malls in a day . We headed to Mid Valley early in the morning after a heavy breakfast of roti canai and teh tarik (what an excellent start to the day)

Amber with a mouthful of chocolate icing

Amber enjoying her moments with Yee Yee

Mama ! These shades are groovy ! Can I have it ?

Tilting her head up to hold the shades on her nosebridge !

Another beautiful Christmas tree

Fascination with the Fish Spa.

Amber loves fishes and she'll always request to stop at the Fish Spa to see so many small fishes nibbling and biting the patron's legs. I personally do not find it very hygiene, the water tank has been soaking god-knows-how-many legs throughout the day !
We had a jolly good time with Poh Yee Yee, Xiu & Li and wish they'd visit more frequent. Family moments are very precious to me and I always look forward to Poh's visit and dread it when she leaves.