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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Smiling moon

We caught the 'Smiling Moon' on Monday night. We were busy shopping for retractable clothes hanger and most shops were closed around 8pm and then my maid asked Amber to look at the moon. Look... so cute.... Then I started receiving sms asking me to look at the moon. I also spread the word around and I hope most of you had a chance to catch the moon smiling at you !
My colleagues son was so cute, he asked Mama , where is the nose ?? lol !!!
I was looking for it again around 9.30pm but the smiling moon is no longer there. According to the papers, this is a 5 year phenomenon but how many of us actually know or paid attention to the moon or crescents ?
In the midst of darkness, there is still Mr Smiling Moon smiling at us :)