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Monday, December 8, 2008

Landslide Tragedy

As of today, Boon (Amber's babysitter) and family are still stuck at Bukit Utama, the access road is not ready yet and there's still no power supply. I have been in contact with him on the developments on that area and the family is hanging in there.
He has enough food to last for a couple of days. He's been 'hiking' to Giant to get his supply of food. I have volunteered our place for him to stay but he's decided to stay put.

The other kids they babysit also live around the area and all trapped in. I really don't know how soon we can see a silver lining. Meanwhile I've to make some adjustments to send Amber back to Alice's and she's in turn has to reschedule her mahjong sessions to accomodate Amber.

It's been raining day and night here, albeit, light rain but it's non stop, adding to the depressive mood. Today, I hear less of police sirens and helicopters and I pray they find the missing Sri Lankan woman soon.

It's been days since we saw the big bright sun, I hope tomorrow the sun will be up and shining, bringing some cheer to the residents here. Raining all day is hampering the efforts to build an alternative route and that will affect TNB's work to bring in a generator set via the alternative route.