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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New house

water feature

our room

still unpacking

We've been calling our new home, 'new house' for years, waiting for building completion. When we brought Amber home, she said a couple of times, she wanted to 'go home'. lol..... For her sake, she needed a closure, we brought her back to our old condo and showed her the empty apartment. She was confused for a while but I think now, she has accepted the 'new house' as her 'go home' place. She likes the swing and water feature the most.

It's really a chore keeping an eye on her in the 'new house'. Previously, everything was just an arms reach at our old condo. I could even hear the maid singing in her bath or bedroom. Whereas, now, I have to rely on the cctv to see what's going on the in the house.

When Amber needs a handkerchief, I need to run upstairs and burn like 10 calories just to fetch her something. Looks like this is a good exercise for me and I can kiss goodbye to

We have a 'water feature' at our home. Hubby have big plans to rear koi fish but I manage to psycho him to scale down to 'bandaraya' fish. The idea of caring for the high maintenance fish like 'babies' does not appeal to me very much. I can foresee who's got to worry abt the feeding the fish, apart from cooking for the family (me lah, who else??). I'd rather have some nice water plants and a bandaraya sucking up dirt in the pond .. lazy me, clever me.

It's a lovely home, but we have to get used to the sudden ample space, like my sis said "mei mou sook' !!!