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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ups and Downs of a 6 Year Old - Aunty P again

When the phone rings at noon, it is a complain lodged !

Aunty P hissed at her again today..

She climbed up the car without pushing down her trolley bag handle.
Aunty P asked her to push down the trolley handle.
Amber asked "Why must I push it down ?"
Aunty P said. .. if I tell you, then I will throw your bag away !!

Drama !!!

Till she can't wait to call and lodge complain with her housemaster-protector father because she knows I'm not giving in.

I've been hearing complains about Aunty P every other day and she wants me to change transporter. I told her you either stick with Aunty P or stay in school till evening !

Haih.. just 6 yr old.. banyak complain !!!!