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Friday, May 18, 2012

Testing Recipe 3

Third on the list is a spicy Asian salad. I'm sure you can guess by looking at the ingredients :D

I'm having lots of fun testing this recipe as I've always wanted to cook this dish but never had the courage to. Seems daunting, with so many ingredients and steps to follow but when the recipe was emailed to me, I followed step by step. Not that difficult at all and I love cutting vegetables.

Some vegetables had to be cut to perfection, exact length.. well not exactly, the recipe stated to cut to  xxx length and I took a ruler to measure and made sure the carrots, cucumbers and beans were of same length. My hubs thought I had gone mad. He'd never seen me using a ruler in the kitchen.

I can't wait to get my hands on a Kyocera ceramic knife to cut the vegetables. My good friend Annie's husband got me a set from the Isetan 1 Utama grand opening. I just love slicing, chopping and cutting any vegetables and fruits, except onions and garlic, don't like the smell lingering on my hand whole day..

We walloped the spicy vegetable salad without any rice. Can't wait and too lazy to whip up some rice and anyway, we already had our dinner. It's good enough to eat on it's own... Hubs licked the plate clean :D
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