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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ups and Downs of a 6 Year Old - with Aunty P

Only 6 and already having emotional swings.

She came home today, grouchy and complaining of Aunty P. . Aunty P sends her home from school everyday. Yesterday Aunty P sounded her for opening the car door on her own without waiting for Aunty P. She was already not happy with the incident.

Today, she and her friend, M, shared some nice smelling sniff stuff in the car. They 'share' but Aunty P grabbed away from them.

It must have been something dangerous or formidable in the car. Aunty P has strict rules. No food, no drinks, no pencils or pens in the car.

Aunty P took away their stuff and Amber and her friend M, was upset. 2 upsetting girls vs 1 aunty.

Amber told Aunty P, if you take away our things, THEN YOU MUST GIVE US A PRESENT !!!

Once in a while, I'll check on her anecdotes with Aunty P. Always gaduh but ever so funny. Once in a while I'll check with Aunty P and hear her version too.  I'm sure her car rules are meant well for the girls safety.