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Friday, May 18, 2012

Gifts from her Kung Kung

My father is not the sort that enjoys company of children but deep down, he cares. I do not want my kid to remember Kung Kung as the haughty man who always asks her to keep quiet, don't jump, don't run, eat faster, don't ask questions !! Kung Kung doesn't play much with her, he's from the typical chinese era where kids are meant to be seen and not heard.

He gave Amber a handsome angpow for her 6th birthday. He's not the sort who buy gifts and always thinks angpow is the best way to convey his wishes. I still get an angpow from him for my birthday too. Bless my dear father, for his kind thoughts.

For a kid, an angpow is money that goes in her investment account, not something she can play, hold and enjoy.

My father is getting old and I wanted Amber to remember her Kung Kung in a nice way.  I used part of Kung Kung's ang pow money to get Amber things she likes - a Ben 10 tee, Ben 10 crocs, klik klok shoe and klik klok sandals, ALL her favourite things. All these and there's still substantial change to deposit to her 'investment account'.

She's soooo happy and can't wait to thank Kung Kung :D
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