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Friday, May 18, 2012


Amber has taken a liking to acrobats. It all started from a live performance she saw at Mid Valley of a group of young acrobats from China. I've recorded it in my iphone and she loves replaying and watching in awe. This little missy gave us many heart stopping moments when she tries to imitate the stunts at home. stretching and hanging her leg over the dining chair or over railings at the malls. She's super duper hyper and will never stop stretch herself and pull her leg up (shame shame) over chairs and tables.

 Once we went shopping with my sister and she did her usual, stretching her legs up the railing and did all kinds of funny stances. When you're not an expert, any kungfu kick and stretch in public will look funny. Strangers stopped to look at the awkward 6 yr old  who-doesn't-walk-properly but stretch-pull-tumble-kick in a mall. Awkward !!

Her teacher complained that she couldn't not sit still in class and keeps stretching here and there and sometimes performing very dangerous stunts. What have you done to her ???? the teacher asked !!!

We've channelled her endless energy to good use and enrolled for junior gymnastics. She's enjoying the class for the moment and let's hope her interest remains for as long as she is able to gain something good out of it.