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Friday, May 18, 2012

Not in a rush to wean off....

 Call me a lazy parent and yes, shamefully, Amber is still on the bottle. She's addicted to the bottle.

The Avent bottles are a killer, costing more than RM50 each. I've asked my sis to get me new ones from Singapore (a lot cheaper!!) and I've also changed to NUK brand from Germany. Not as handy as the wide mouth Avent but quality's just as good.

She's promised to be off the bottle for her afternoon milk but mornings and nights, we still give her the bottle. If we're out for late nights, I'll change her to pyjamas and give her the bottle and she'll drift to la-la land in the car.

 Mornings are such a rush....and Ms Dilly Dally Clumsy Pot does not have the luxury to sit down and slowly sip her milk from cup and we do not have the time to clear any spills or change uniform, so the bottle is it ! 

On very rushed days, we dash to the car with a bottle in hand and she'll have her milk lying on my lap before dozing off for another 15minutes in the car. I'll wash her bottles in the office and my some colleagues look at me in disbelief .. isn't she already 6 ????

I don't really care, as long as she gets her nutrition and calories. I'm sure one day, she'll be weaned off.
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