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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Amber's 6th Birthday Party

My little girl is 6.

 We celebrated her 6th last month. I have been a very lazy mom, procrastinating a birthday party every year but I took a bold move to hold a birthday party for her. A small little party but nevertheless, still a party. She's been asking for a 'party' and I've been delaying the idea. We celebrate her actual day with the inlaws every year and I couldn't squeeze in time for a party (always the same excuse I gave her) but her birthday falls on a Sunday, I decided to go ahead.

We kept the party small by inviting a few close friends of hers (and mine).  I toggled the idea of clowns, face painting and magician but scrapped off the idea as we had a very small crowd.

Her birthday wish was for an inflatable pool and we got her a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Playpool and somehow the idea revolved to a playpool party !

I digged out my recipe book and cooked almost all that I know. We had sheperds pie, spiral tuna pasta, bacon aglio olio, yam cake, curry chicken, vegetarian vermicelli, acar, sausages and pickles. 

 She dished out her birthday pressie from Aunty Annie and Aunty Shireen's online store.  She also wished for a frilly swimsuit with 'skirt'. She didn't like a one piece suit I got her from Cotton On because the boys from her previous kindy laughed at her skimpy swimsuit and made her very shy and shameful so when Annie asked what she'd like, I didn't hesitate la.. that's what good friends are for :D Thank you Annie and Shireen for the lovely swimsuit.

Friends came and hubs played some hip hop song - I Wanna Marry You and Move It Like Jagger, amongst others. My house turned into a little party avenue and I hoped everyone had fun. I know the kids did :D

Her birthday cake was egg-free chocolate chip with cream cheese frosting, baked by yours truly :D
She wanted a Ben 10 edible imaging and Minnie Mouse cupcakes for her friends. She's so infatuated over Ben 10 and insists no one else can have the Ben 10 cake except her. Ben 10 belongs to her and only HER... .. ** sigh **   She's only 6 and i-n-f-a-t-u-a-t-i-o-n  already ???

When she blew her birthday candles, I felt very happy for her. Happy that I could make her dream of having a birthday party come true and happy that she could celebrate with her close friends. For a kid, a birthday is a big deal. It's THE day to look forward too and THE day she anticipates for the rest of the 364 days in the year.

The kids jumped to the pool immediately after their food and cakes.  The boys took over the big pool and the girls were outlawed but Barbara came to the rescue with a mini pool. Girl power took over and they hosed the boys down. FUN!!!!!

I'd like to say thank you to her friends who made her day possible. Lastly a thank you to all mommies and daddies too for joining in the fun with your kids.