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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Going Kidzania

She's going Kidzania with her reading class today. I've heard so much about Kidzania, the events for kids, the prices and also the long queue. I hesitated to go, not at this moment when it's still a hotspot for kids especially during school holidays but when the reading school organized the trip, I quickly put her name in.

We've prepped with a little bit information about Kidzania and showed her Kidzania whenever we passed the building on the way to Ikea. She's associating Kidzania with being next-to-McDonalds :D

The kids had a dress code - long dark pants, white top and sports shoes. 40 from her school will be going and with kids from another 2 outlets, it's going to be a big bunch to handle.

The trip is opened to kids 6 and above, the younger kids have to wait for another year. Understandable coz 6 yr olds and above are easier to manage and they could understand and benefit from Kidzania's acitivities better.

Lunch is provided and I've requested for nuggets and juice.

Can't wait to hear from her tonight. I'm sure she'll ask us to go with her again :D
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