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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So Parlia wan ???

Something irked me today.  Very angry at that moment but I let it pass and got over it.

I was waiting for Amber at tuition, busy texting my friends on a crab dinner tonight. Hubs was talking to a prospect at the tuition class. Tuition teacher was listening to hubs proposal and talking to Amber at the same time. TT was a demure young lady.
I said 'was'... you'll  know why now .........

Amber was fidgety and as usual, boh-tiam ! It was almost 10pm and that girl had 2.5 hours of tuition work and naturally, she was tired and restless

TT kept asking her to speak in Mandarin and for this, I appreciate her efforts. I've asked her to speak to Amber in Mandarin to improve on her language.
Amber relented and spoke very loud. I have to say, Amber is loud. L-O-U-D !!  TT said something like.. ask you to speak Mandarin , you dun wan.. So parlia wan !

My antennaes ticked... parlia ?? did she just say parlia ??

Ohh kay,, I minded my own business, looking through her homework.. 2 seconds later.. again..
so parlia wan ??   I kept my cool...

Then she walked away to another room and giggled ... something about Amber and again...

so parlia wan ?

I asked hubs.. did I hear wrong ? I heard 'parlia' 3 times !!! Hubs - the blur also nodded and thought he heard her uttering 'parlia'

I kept my cool, I didn't want to confront her in front of Amber, otherwise the fart will learn a new word today and I can bet my last Ringgit, she WILL utter 'parlia' and will ask till no end, the meaning of the word..

For god's sake... SO PARLIA ???

Takes a parlia of the highest order to call another, parlia !

and what's parlia by the way ???  I searched and googled.. tak dapat wor...