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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Discovering Playgrounds

We discovered another nice well maintained playground, slightly further than the one that we went last week. We took her there to unwind after a whole afternoon of homework. Oh talking about homework, she has lots from her mental arithmetic class. I'm thinking twice if she should continue. Last week's homework was 5 pages of sums, with 48 equations in a page, total 240 equations, to be completed over a week. *PENGSAN*

Kids are kids, they need to play and let off the energy pent up inside. My girl has lots and lots of energy and we can't keep up with her. She's either physically active or verbally.  She can talk, she can yak and she can complain. She's complaining there's no place at home to run and she's right. Though we have a fairly big area but a home is not suitable for kid to run to their hearts content right ?

So, playground is still the best place. We took a walk uphill to the playground and along the way, the residents made us of the common area to plant some herb gardens, bananas, nangka and jambu. Very nice.

Armed with our sunnies, we walked uphill. errr.. i do look very big here...

Ms clumsy tots tripped and fell, and hubs was fast enough to catch a pic

mou see... mou see. just tighten the shoes a bit

see the bananas ? nice to be close to nature ya ? macam kat kampung.

amber . . oh amber.. yr moustache ruined a pretty picture.

the playground was at a housing area 700ft above sea level, adjacent to the Ulu Langat Forest Reserve. The air was crisp and cooling, plenty of nice houses here too.

she played on her own..

aahhh.. she's a happy gal

and we were happy too...we need some fresh air now and then, a change from our daily routine.

We'll be going outdoors with her more frequent. :D