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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So called Fiesta

The company had a fiesta for the staff yesterday. Us, being 'commision based contract workers' are excluded from most staff benefits. No complains about that as that's the usual industry practise. When the company organized a 'fiesta' and invited us, we happily put our names down and looked forward to enjoy the fun. I sneaked Amber in too.

Major regret !!! The fiesta was so badly organized. Everyone was given food vouchers for Stall # 1 to Stall #9 . That means we had to queue at Stall 1, then queue again at Stall 2 and so forth ! You think I made it to Stall 9 ?? I would have cursed myself stupid if I did that.

Firstly, there were only 2 food areas and the queues were long. At the stalls, some students were serving the food and don't bother about food quality, the 3 stalls that I made it do were serving barely edible food. Stall 1 had blazing red chilli fried rice, served with sambal.  Another had pizza slices so small, not even big enough a slice to feed preschoolers, and the pizzas were blank.. spread with tomato paste and nothing else.

Secondly, the stalls were served by some foreign students who can barely hold a spoon, Stall 1 had a guy scooping fried rice measured to perfection ! He almost had to mentally weigh each spoon of rice before placing on our plate. Hear me ? He used a spoon and not a ladle. For heavens sake when you have crowd of more than a thousand, for heavens heavens sake,, use a ladle and dang it.. scoop a ladle of rice on the plate for us, not measure spoon after spoon and after spoon before splashing sambal on the chilli fried rice.
Then, the pizza fella, had a side serving of salad with balsamic and vinegar..he served me 2 leaves !  2 tiny lettuce leaves !!! Can I ask for more ?? NO!  So I fished out another coupon from my hubs and I was given another 2 leaves !

I was so frustrating mad, I had to queue, get food for hubs who was managing Amber and queue again. I got hubs to take over and queue for the roti jala and curry chicken.. the chicken chunks, were small but edible. 1 coupon, 1 piece of roti jala and 1 chicken chunk ! No more, no less. Unfortunately, the roti jala was rancid.

That's it.. I left whatever coupon I had on the table and left. I doubt anyone picked it up. We donated RM20 for coupons to purchased goodies and we spent it on cotton candies and peanuts but that's ok, it's for charity anyway.

If only the banks were more charitable towards it's employees and feed us proper meals. Or perhaps the bank wants us to be grateful for what we have today and decides to feed us  catastrophic tsunami or some earthquake victims style with food coupons !

Amber was most happy coz she had balloons and cotton candies and we didn't force feed her.

No more company fiesta for me.. I'd rather siesta at home..:D