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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mince My Words

2 incidents happened and made me reflect my own words and actions. She's so smart and picks up everything we say and use it against us.

We were out at Thomas' car for dinner. She, me and little Sharon was seated at the back. She was restless and seated in the middle. In the midst of the motion, she accidentally knocked into Sharon. I said  'you hit Sharon'. I didn't mean hit as in deliberately but only accidentally.
She was defensive. No ! I did not !
I wanted to bring my point across and insisted she did and it was purely accidental.
She pointed out her fingers at me : I don't want to hear your sound !  (SHUDDUP !)

Hubs was changing her pyjamas. She was cranky and in a foul mood, runny nose,  missing her afternoon nap and after pushing herself to do a page of homework.
Some argument ensued.. something about her taking off her clothes and putting on her pyjamas.
She chided her father : You think I have 8 hands ah ??
Hubs was fuming mad !

I remember clearly telling her off one day,  when she had wanted me to do something immediately but I was busy and my hands were full.  I did tell her if she thought I was an octopus ! I also told hubs her one day, if only I was an octopus, I can do this, this and that and she overheard. I also remember asking her to keep quiet when I wanted to shut her up.

She's picking up all the bad words and phrases from us. *SIGH*

I hv to mince my words carefully now and that's so, so, sooooo darn hard !