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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Home Spa Series

I'm so obsessed with her bath time.. I must be one cuckoo mom. Then again, I am very very careful what to show and what not to. I don't want her to hate me when she grows up and sees her exposed photo on my blog

This home spa, I like.I have found a good use for my kaffir lime plants by adding it to her bath. The lime is flowering again and I think I could have at least 20 budding limes on the tree now. I can't wait to harvest them. I added a cut lime to some flowers I packed from the temple for shower purpose. Purportedly to cleanse her aura but I was secretly hoping it'll change Amber entirely, to listen to us 100% of the time, to complete here homework always, to eat well and yada yada yaaadaaa.. Fat hopes la Elaine.. don't wish for what you should not from the temple! Wellbeing and peace is sufficient.  :)

Our entire bath was smelling of kaffir lime and aitelyu, the smell lingers on, very lovely.

If the tub was big enough for me, I would have hopped in

Amber, Amber,, you see now how much Mummy loves you ? I do the things that makes you happy !