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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brussels Beer Cafe

It's been a long time since I did a food post. I didn't think I wanna splash my blog with boredom about what I eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner unless it's something worth noting, a place worth going and food worthy enough to go again and again.

One of our clients made some neat money in the recent IPO and offered to buy us dinner. She's also a dear friend and mom of a very dear friend of ours.
She mentioned 'pork knuckles' and hubs and I jumped at the chance.

The dinner was at Brussels Beer Cafe, Ampang Outlet.  When we stepped in, we liked the place immediately. It's clean, bright and comfortable and most important, we do not leave the place smelling like the kitchen. Very important this one, I hate it when the ventilation is bad we leave a restaurant with food smell all over our clothes.

For starters, we shared and had :

Garlic bread..self made garlic butter paste. I can bite into the minced garlic.. I like !

Roast pork platter

Sausages wrapped in bacon

Pork knuckles and a whole generous portion to be shared by all

and  Amber absolute loves her meal of roast pork, sausages, pork knuckle and roast vegetables

 and for the mains, here's some pics of what we had :

Hubs had grilled ribs

I had grilled pork loin. Very lean and healthy alternative to the heavy starters

Our friend had the pork burger

with so much good food, we can't afford a little pocket of space for desert, hubs and I had coffee. Illy coffee ! My favourite and another good reason to come back here. :D