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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stewpid Act

It happened on Monday. Hubs and I had a long day at work and only got home around 9.30pm. I put Amber to bed close to 10.30pm and she suddenly asked me to clean her ears. I refused as I've already gave her a good cleaning 2 weeks ago. She has this thing about cleaning her ears and it gives her great satisfaction when I dig some gold from her ears.

She insisted her ears were very dirty and I pushed her aside almost wanted to scream "GO TO BED", NOW !!!

I don't know what made me gave in and checked her ears and  lo and behold !!!! a big ball of what seemed like dirt until I checked her ears under much proper lighting, I saw it was a small paper ball, stucked inside.

It's a sticker paper, she claims! I tried to use the ear wax remover stick to dig it out but didn't work. I had to tell hubs and the little one panicked.

Don't want ! Don't tell Papa, I want Mama to take it out for me !  She panicked and freaked out !

I screamed to hubs to come and take a look.

Hubs has 'lou far' and couldn't see properly the little ball inside. I used a tweezer and couldn't get it out either. I didn't want to risk pushing the tweezer further inside and causing a bigger mess and we decided to send her to the clinic.

At this point, hubs was very very angry with her and shouted at her for such a STUPID ACT ! He cannot believe his 4 year old would do such a stupid thing to stuff things inside her ears. Totally stupid !

I think for the first time, the word "STUPID" is shout out aloud at our home.

Apparently, she put it in the ears while taking her afternoon nap, and she had to wait for so many hours before telling someone.

Hubs was fuming and couldn't believe his 4 yr old can do such a thing. Frankly I didn't either. I expected better from her.

We said if the clinic cannot take it out, we'll have to send her to hospital and get her ear cut off to remove the paper ball.. and she'll end up looking like Frankenstein with stitches all over her face and she can never look pretty anymore.

WUAHHHH !!! she wailed and wailed and refused to go to the doctors.

You know how it's like when you have an opportunity to scold and teach her a lesson she'll remember, make sure SHE WILL REMEMBER !!! So... must exaggerate and blow up into a big Oscar winning drama !

I also threatened that if she does not get it removed, she'll lose her hearing, she can't listen to Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber anymore. Her world will be 'blank'

I almost wanted to laugh when I saw her pale face, her horrified look but the hubs was otherwise, still fuming from her stupid act.

And so, we went to the 24 hour clinic. We did silly things like ask for the doctors age and his eyesight. Hubs was worried the doctor will have long sighted like him and cannot see the paper ball properly. The nurse also said they weren't sure if they could get it out and we might have to go to a ENT instead. Our better judgment told us to go straight to the hospital instead and by then it was almost close to midnight.

There was a long queue at the A&E and it's not a pretty sight with a room full of very sick patients. The little fart was very quiet and I warned her many many times not to move when doctor removes her mess ! When it was her turn, we made her tell the doctor exactly what happened and the doctor almost wanted to laugh at her innocent horrified face.  He used a very narrow tweezer to pinch the paper ball out. It was soo small, around 0.5cm in diameter.

She was also found to have reddish ear and throat and enlarged lymph nodes, signs of  an infection underway  but not related to the paper-ball-in-the-ear incident. She was sent home with some antibiotics and fever medicine.

I kept the paper ball with me and asked if she wanted it.. maybe to stuff her ears again, stuff her nose *in a jest of course*

DON'T WANT !!!! DON'T WANT !!!!  she wailed.....

... and reached home close to 2 am !

I hope she learns a lesson she'll remember this time !