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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ooppss I Did It Again !

Remember my post on overzealous drinking ?

We all had a good laugh when goofy Amber was cupping  a piece of masak masak on her mouth. I was in the kitchen and didn't see it, when I saw, it was too late. Everyone was already laughing at her. Amber,  the attention seeking child, was showing off how she could cup a masak masak on her mouth. You see ! You see ! she asked everyone to see. Hubs, Thomas, Joanne and Sharon, who was visiting all saw but when the masak masak dropped, she looked like this :

Ooopps ! She did it again !  Coupled with a cold sore, her mouth looks very very red.

Being mean, as I always am, I jokingly told her.. her mouth looks like 'monkey backside'.. LOLOLOLLLL !!