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Monday, October 25, 2010

To Go Or Not To Go

The kindie has arranged for a field trip to Vitagen factory. I must applaud the amount of effort the principal and teachers put in for the pre-schoolers. This is her K1 year and she had 1 excursion to the Deer Park/Science Center, 1 Sports Day at an external venue, 1 School Concert, also external venue and 2 PTA Meetings.

Back to the Vitagen factory. She earnestly told me about going to see people make Vitagen and yogurt and asked me to check the 'komikasion' book.. Communication book, she meant, but it was so funny hearing her spit the words koh-mee-kay-syen out slowly.. LOL !!

Anyways, she can't take Vitagen so what's the point of visiting the factory. Ain't it a bit torturing ? To have your cake and not eat it ?

Parents are invited with a small fee and that doesn't help either. Me, paying to visit the factory and holding back, not taking Vitagen ? Or be very very mean and sip the chilled Vitagen in her presence ? Nah... we'll have to come up with some excuses of not letting her go.

Let her sleep through it and not kill off her enthusiasm tonight.