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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Saturday

Last Saturday was a busy day for us. Hubs had a full day class and since I've got to be the driver, sending him to class and fetching him home, I took advantage and went 'lan kai' with Amber.
Very rare to have a Saturday all to myself and Amber, must take this opportunity to kai kai to the max !

Met up with Annie at Barb's place. We had brunch at the famous kon-lou pan meen near Barb's house. With 4 kids, and loads of shopping from pasar pagi, it's impossible to take a photo of the food, esp when Amber is a fussy eater, playing with the food and not eating. .. . haih..

Then we proceeded to the 100yen shop while Barb looked after the kids at home..**BLISS**
Annie, the bento queen, wanted to add on to her already-mountain-high collection of bento stuff. :D.. and one 100yen is not enough, we went to the Kuchai Lama bento shop and the kids had snacks of snow desert -- the ice kacang like kinda desert and jelly.

We also went to Shireen's house to pick up another loot. I bought a couple of blouses from Shireen's online shop and I also wanted to meet her 3 lovely princess very much. I was her silent reader for some time and I stumbled upon her blog when I searched for "cambodian maid".
She inspired me to start my own blog.

Shireen manages 4 blogs of which 1 is an online shop. I wish her success and with her very reasonable pricing and good customer service, I'd choose to buy from her anytime.

We grouped the kids to take a photo before we left. Not easy task, can't blame the kids cos with 4 cameras clicking, they don't know where to look first.

Here's one reasonable shot of the kids :

Baby Cassandra- who will always be a baby for us who followed her traumatic experiences, Ashley, Amber, Fearles, Cruz, Sherilyn and Alycia.
Saturday was a very fruitful day for me and Amber, we shopped a lot and met up with the lovely mummies - Annie, Barb and Shireen.
I really should send hubs to training more frequent.. .hahahahaha...