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Monday, July 12, 2010

Bao Xiang @ Pavilion

Yesterday, we had to bring my father to town to run some errands and we took him to Pavilion for lunch.

I had in mind to try out Bao Xiang bak kut teh.. upon hearing good reviews about this place and Amber likes bkt, at least her lunch is settled if we go for bkt.

The place is pretty neat and clean. All bkt comes in standard size and you can choose which part of meat, ribs and offals that you want. Being a piggie bkt lover, we each chose one and another 2 to be shared. Between the 4 of us, we chose 6 portions. The price is standard, around RM13-RM14 per portion. Funny tho, when they showed us the menu, the pricing wasn't there. I only got to see the pricing at the cashiers when I paid.

One thing's missing from this place.. yow char kway and tau foo poks. What a waste.

These are some of the bowls of bkt we ordered. Comes with a warmer and soup is kept bubbling hot. Not to my liking and I did burn my tongue a bit. Sheeh...already noon and I'm craving for bkt, the first thing I did was try the soup. Manatau.. so hot.. too hot !

Their rice is flavoured but I'd prefer plain white rice w bak kut teh anytime

and tea is served in tiny teacups.. very much like the Klang style.

It was a very lovely morning to start with, father's errands got settled very quickly, we found a good parking at Pavilion and fast too but .. BUT.. the service at Bao Xiang's got me pissed off, thinking back, I wonder how I let her get away. I should have 'saber tongued' her.

Her, is the Captain.. the waitress that wears a bit different from the rest and so that makes her a captain. She took our order of bla bla bla.. asking us to take bla bla bla and so we ordered bla bla bla.

One of the blaass.. the 'fan cheong' or stuffed intestines, wasn't up to our expectations. Hubs thought it was a tad bitter. I found it bitter too. We called another waitress, with a blur expression on her face. She didn't say a thing and took away the 'fan cheong'.. 10 minutes later, another serving of fan cheong came, which they claimed they changed.

... still bitter..

this time, we called for 'Captain thick make-up actsy face' and told her the second bowl of fan cheong was still bitter. She asked us to change for something else, and we chose 'chue tou' ie; pigs maw. I'm sure the whole pot of fan cheong will be bitter anyway. Captain thick make-up actsy face, with hands behind her back, told us..

some pigs are like that.. .. Ohh kay... I can accept. I've tasted bitter fan cheong before and I don't blame the pigs nor the chef

some porks are good, some are not. some comes not good... Ohhh kay.. this blardy place has no quality control, they just take whateva oinks that's dumped to them..

some pigs are smelly, some are not. Ya, ya, I understand and not blaming you,Miss Captain thick make-up actsy face for a bitter bowl of innards but it's such a mockery.. a place named 'bao xiang' isn't that 'guaranteed fragrant' ? and what's this with a smelly porkies in a 'guaranteed fragrant' place. Hello woman.. think before you speak oh-kay ???

just like human, some human smell more than others right ??

WEI !!! what the monkey is she talking about ? I was shocked with her statement but I saw hubs, father, ah yee happily eating, not paying any attention to her, I held back my tongue.
She's just short of me sabering my tongue at her and aitelyu, don't make me do that or she'll regret !

It was such a lovely morning for us and we are not going to let Captain thick make-up actsy face spoil it !

Amber enjoyed her soft bone.. 'yuen kuat' with rice so much and was happy and smiling, she even wanted to take photos with her Kong-kong.

So, remember if you wanna go Bao Xiang, just order ribs, pai kuat and no innards.. or be prepared.. of their smelly porks !

.... and we headed to The Loaf for coffee and snacks.. .much better deal than Bao Xiang !