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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I wished there's more hours in a day ~

** purely a post to rant**
I wished there's more hours to the day, really !

If I had my way, I'd stay at home at bake all day long, perfecting recipes, trying new bakes, quiches, torte, pecan pies, so many goodies I wanna bake and I wished I had more time.

Some friends call me crazy but I actually find it very therapeutic to cut pineapples from peeling the skin, to the correct cutting technique without losing too much of the flesh.
Do you know you are supposed the check the pineapple 'eyes', and to which direction is longer, ie from the bottom right to upper left or from bottom left to upper right before deciding which direction to cut the 'eyes' off ? I know it's confusing but if you do follow, peeling the 'eyes' off is easier and the peeled pineapples looks better too. I taught my ex Cambo helper umpteenth times and she always gets it wrong, or maybe she did it on purpose so she doesn't have to peel the pineapple and Ma'am will do it ??
Give me a good knife and I'll carve a good pineapple for you.

I spent last Saturday evening cooking up 8 Josapines ! Peel, shred and slowcook till I get 2 small tubs of golden jam. I am able to do that without disturbance because Amber slept by 9pm. If only I had a couple of hours more, I'll bake the tarts, but I can't.

I need to get the laundry done, clothes ironed and house prepped up because Sunday is another long day out.
I keep my sanity by watching Desperate Housewives. Bree gives me the inspiration I need.
Ironing is not so much of a dreaded chore now like it used to be. Correct techniques saves time.
Oh, I wished the nights are longer. I wished I only need to get by with 3 hours of sleep !
My dinners are getting simpler and I try to do with less washing, or eat from the pot, like laundryamah ! ho ! we, moms are getting more innovative.
On Saturday, I was itching to bake and dished out these scones. It took me less than an hour. I would have wasted more time driving out to get breakfast.
Rushing for time and itching to bake, I dished these out :

Nice ? A bit square hor ? Was too lazy to use an inverted cup to cut it round. Round scones, square scones, it all taste the same.

With butter, any shape is forgiven

Yeah... enjoy ! We whacked 3 each !

ok, enough of ranting.. I'm going to sleep now.