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Friday, July 2, 2010

Amber Yaks and Loud too !

She talks non-stop and sometimes the things she says are so beyond us.. leaving both of us dumbfounded.

I must note down her yakety yaks yaks, bla blas and chitter chatters before I forget. Her conversations are just getting more and more matured and most times, driving me and hubs up the wall !

I have a friend popping by yday and her kid pooh pooh-ed on the floor. Amber wasn't home and I told hubs about it later in a car ride. Amber heard and said :

Mama, what ? What did you say ? What nnggghh--ngghhh ?
Nope, nothing !
Yes, you say who ?
No, Mama said, the boy nnggh.. nghhhh.. and I quickly changed the topic before she starts asking about who came to our house and why she isn't home, etc.. etc... etc...
It's ok you know, it's ok for little children to nnghhhh--ngghhhh.. Amber was also like that. Last time you nngghh--ngghhh and it dropped all over the floor during a wedding dinner and Mama had to wipe it away.
Next time, you have a daughther.. ngghh.. ngghh.. you have to wipe and wash too.
I don't want..
Eh ?? Then who's going to clean your baby ?
My husband lah....

oooh-ooohh smart girl.


Sometimes she makes us sooo mad and being rude to us, I scold her..

Next time Papa Mama die already,you have to take care of yourself. You cannot talk to Mama anymore, you cannot scold Mama anymore
then.. hubs add .. If Papa Mama die already, HOW ? Nobody look after you, HOW ?
Amber : Then you find me a good husband laa.

hubs and I went 0000 - 00000.. lost for words !

Again, another incident, she makes me mad, I can't remember for what but I do remember scolding :

Next time you will have a daughter just EXAXCTLY LIKE YOU !
NO AH ! My daughter not like that. My daughther like Princess and Cinderella wan ah..
Oh no ! you will not ! you will have daughters just like you, always kek sei their Papa and Mama
NO ! NO ! NO! My daughter like Barbie Doll, Princess and Cinderella, they are NOT LIKE ME !!
and we go on fighting, me and her.. I was enjoying this fight already.. then I asked
So, you don't want your daughter to be like you ?
No !
So, you admit you are naughty ?
Yes !

lol ! wooo hoooo.. I win this argument !


Everyday, we'll be having fights, she with me and hubs. My little Amber, only 4 years old and so argumentive. We're meeting the teachers tomorrow and I'm sure her teacher will have plenty to say about her .