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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Ben10 cake that was not.

We celebrated Yuen Wen Cheh-Cheh's birthday at Madam Kwan, Mid Valley. She had a Ben10 cheesecake from Secret Recipes:

Tell me, which part looks like Ben10 ?? Kinda feel cheated coz when we ordered, the pic shown on the catalog was the Ben 10 boy, the one with black hair and wearing the watch. Outcome above is not according to specs.. and Amber's Ben 10 cake was the same too, the sugar paper was not according to the brochures.

Anyway, kids gets so excited with birthday cakes, they forgot all about the actual Ben 10 picture.

Amber and her cheh cheh.. anybody and everybody's birthday is a reason to celebrate coz she wants to blow the candles !!!

Ben 10 or not, her only share of the cake is the sugar paper, with the creams and white chocolate icing underneath scraped off.

Luckily, she liked Madam Kwan's fried chicken leg..

1 year more Amber.. 1 year and you can have your real cake.

and again.. Happy Birthday to cheh-cheh.

Talking about cheesecakes.. I think Secret Recipe's cake have shrunk in size, has anyone noticed ?