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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Handmade Dress by boeyjoey

When I read boeyjoey's post on the little red dress she made for QQ, I liked it so much, it was on my wishlist. I can never find nice cheongsam in the market for kids.

I like this dress for the babydoll cut. Amber's still a kid and looks good with babydoll cutting. I asked Pei Yee (boeyjoey) if she can make one for Amber. I also asked her to take her time, no rush as it's meant for next year's CNY.

Last 2 wks, the cheongsam arrived. Amber very kancheong, kept asking whose baju was it and she thought CNY was around the corner.

I made her promise to wait another 6 months before she can wear it for kai-kai but I allowed her put it on to take some photos.

See, nice or not ? The baju, I mean....

Babydoll cuts are roomy and allows flexibility, very suitable for active kids. I like the puffed sleeves and elastic garters at the sleeves
Boeyjoey will be starting her own handmade collection, soon to be available at :

Congrtulations to her, a supermummy turning her hobby into a little business. I believe happiness is doing something we love :D

Her handmade items comes with care instructions too.

And she also made these clips to complement the starking red cheong sam. Lovely !

A close up look at the cheong sam, see the detailed and fine stitching ?
I'm sure boeyjoey will have lots of quality and personalized offerings. She's currently working out her blogshop at Watch this spot :D