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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Parents Teacher Meeting - Term 2

The kindie had a parents teacher meeting last Saturday. I came to know that it's a term thingy and parents will meet teacher end of each term, 4 terms in total. Not bad eh.. I don't remember having my parents meet my kindie teacher during my time.

I am excited and kept reminding Amber that we'll be meeting her teacher and teacher will report all of her behaviour, good and bad to us, so be good !

Last term, we had a lot to hear of Amber from the principal and teacher. She refused to co-operate and sit down and was sent to the principals's room, many times :(
The principal, Teacher Jo, a very nice but firm lady, can handle Amber better than her own class teacher, so on difficult situations, she's sent to THE ROOM, instead of holding the class back.

Her class teacher, Teacher Mila is not around for the meeting. She's from Uzbekistan and went back for a months holiday and was supposed to report for work in July but no news of her. Teacher Jo told us she may be stuck and not be able to get back so soon, due to some unrest going on there. I pray and wish her family is fine and be back soon. Amber miss her very much.

This is what Teacher Jo, the principal and replacement teacher, had to say about Amber :

~ She likes to 'manja' Teacher Mila and insists that Teacher Mila seats next to her all the time. Teacher Mila, just to get the class going, always gives in to Amber. In her absence, Amber has no one to 'manja' and she's behaving well, paying attention and following instructions. (... I only know Teacher Mila is very firm and quite fierce, I didn't know Amber yearns for her attention)

~ Amber is always complaining of 'tired'. I'm very tired.. I'm so tired.. (...I admit, partly our fault for not getting her to sleep earlier)

~ Amber colors very well and always gets prize for coloring (... and I never knew that)

~ Amber learned syllables and sukukata, she can slowly read 3 alphabet words by recognizing the sound of each alphabets (... I never knew that too)

Teacher Jo asked her to read for us :

Overall, she's progressing fine in school and I can't wait for her to read soon.

I've gotta thank Patsy for the cd, A is the sound of ahhh... B is the sound of behh. Can't wait for her to read and indulge in books ;)