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Monday, July 5, 2010

of... football.

and.. that has gotten into me ! Me.. not a sports fan and certainly not football fan. And when I watch a match.. I have to ask.. Joanne. another 'wife of football fan' .. eh.. which team, goalpost where ah ? hushhh.. I ask quietly lar....

I don't understand the rules.. offline.. or what not.. but I do understand the basics. .. feet and head can touch ball.. hands.. NO-NO.

.. don't bother asking about football rules during the match.. or be deemed as 'so stoooopid'

We watched Holland trashing Brazil on Friday night at mamaks. Wuah... it was so tense.. I can see so majority Brazil supporters and only a few Holland supporters seated upfront, near the screen. With every goal Brazil scored, those fella at the back, trashed.. threw chairs and cursed..

... and then, we also bump into a friend or two who came to the mamaks alone. Obviously, the wifey's are not football fansee..

... and we ordered paper tosai, roti tisu, chapati, tandoori and teh... lotsa lotsa teh..

and then.. we see Brazil drifting away in the gane. Very sad and unexpected.

Then Sat came.. another big match. Germany vs Argentina. I planned a nice dinner of 'lap mei fan' and 'har cheong kai' and walnut cheesecake.. timed perfectly, dinner at 8.30pm, desert at 9.30pm, wash up and ready and comfy by 10pm.

I wanted Argentina to win. Not because I'm a fan but I felt the goal that Lampard lost last Sunday was really injustice to England. So what if they sack the referee ? What's done cannot be undone.

Then one by one.. German scored.. I loved their footworks..both Argentina and Germany, so fast, furious and tactical. .. and watching German score and goal after another.. again unbelievable !

.. and shouting GOOAALLL ! at home so isn't like shouting at Mamaks.. every shot at goal.. every attempt, the whole place vibrates.. teh tarik glass shaking..

.. Sat's match was full of energy.. and so... now Argentina lost.. all hubs favourite team are out..

.. and my father told me he also watched the German Argentina match.. alone..
.. and I was surprised... with his failing eyesight , he'll stay up till midnight to watch the match.
.. and I asked him.. eh you know the rules ka ?

you know what ?

.. of course he knows. He plays football and was a 'Midfielder'

.. aah.. my father, the footballer.. I really didn't know that.. *shame*


.. and the semi's are all at 2.30am
.. and finals at 2.3am too (I think)..

no more WorldCup for me, I think.. watching a replay is ever so different.