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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Allergy Updates

We had Amber checked for her allergies 2 weeks ago.. and the result is :

:)  :)  :)

I'm all smiles, really. My heart skipped a beat or 2 when Dr Wong tested her for each allergens. I was very nervous as she had very itchy eyes recently. I suspected dust mites and was hoping, praying, pleading, that it wasn't a new allergy or an old allergy cropping up.

Her results :

House Dust Mites  -  10
Eggs        - 0
Dairy       - 0
Yeast      - 0
Latex       - 0
E110 and E103  - 0

Five ZEROS !! Yippee... yippee .. hurray !!! Can't put in words our jubilation, but I tell you, it was like striking lottery over and over again when Dr. tested zero for each of the food items and latex.

Her dust mite allergy came back and Dr. explained that there are some things beyond our control. We can remove all carpets, change our linens diligently, vacuum and mop like a robot BUT... we can't control the weather. The recent hot spells brings about many floating dust mites. We cannot put Amber in a controlled environment 100% of the time. We cannot eliminate but we can, at our best, control her exposure to dust mites at home.  That means more mopping, cleaning and changing bedsheets for me :(

Her food allergy is under control and with god's grace and our persistence, we can start introducing dairy into her diet by February next year. I asked her what food she'd like to have first and she said.. with glistening eyes .. "BUTTER".. I LIKE THE SALTINESS IN BUTTER :D    I dug back this old post and reminded myself how much she likes butter.

We hopped to the kopitiam near the clinic for tea. I quickly ordered lor mai kai for Amber and hubs and I had tea. I was longing for their rotikaya but I kept my thoughts to myself and then the devil name 'hubs' said he wanted some and ordered 2 sets for us. When the rotikaya came (with thick slabs of butter slotted between the toast), Amber lao kai-ed  "Why you all order things I cannot eat ??"   She knew the rotikaya from the coffeeshop is very yummy We swallowed the rotikaya quickly like guilty thieves.

Over all, she's been a darling with the diet. Yesterday at the abacus class, some kids' mom bought pizza and coke for the kids. She didn't kick a fuss , she avoided the little party and just asked for a small cup of Coke. Amber never steals forbidden food and I must giver her credit for her sensibility in dealing with her food allergies.

I really can't wait to see her indulge in butter again.