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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Controlling FB privacy

Today, my friend got very annoyed when someone from her hometown added her as a friend in Facebook. Thinking she might know her or she could be a long lost friend from her hometown in East Malaysia, she added her. Soon, the 'friend' started promoting some slimming stuff and added people from her friend list. She was, angry.  I would too.

I taught her to change some simple settings to protect your friends privacy. I do think some people take advantage of strings of contacts available on Facebook, friends of friends and friends or friends' friends.. whatever.. the chain never ends.

If you'd like to block people from checking your friends list, follow the simple steps :

Simple steps :
You can change who can see your friends from the "Connecting on Facebook" section of your Privacy Settings page. To get there:
  1. Choose the "Privacy Settings" option in the Account drop-down menu at the top of any Facebook page.
  2. Select "View settings" in the "Connecting on Facebook" section.
  3. Change the setting for "See your friend list."

Cheers and Happy FB-ing ...