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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Holidays

This has to be the laziest holiday ever. We had nothing planned except watch movies. Last week, we caught Pirates of The Carribean on 3D and couple of days later, Kung Fu Panda. Tickets were hard to get on weekends and we almost wanted to watch Diary of A Wimpy Kid when we couldn't get tickets for the movie we wanted. All we wanted to do was slouch in the cinema seats with pop corn and Coke (and bubble tea for me).

She looks forward to movie nights at home too. We'll switch off the lights and the hall is really dark. She sits on the middle of the sofa and insists hubs and me to sit beside her. She calls it a 'Happy Family Seat', papa on her left and Mama on her right. She'll give us each a couch pillow to hug in case we are cold. :)

We allowed her late nights and she'll sleep through when we send her to the babysitters and continue her naps till almost 10am. After all, it's holidays !!!.  Iron Man 1 & 2 almost every other day.. *sigh* and watched some very silly movie like Splice (go read reviews on the sex scene, you'll know why but we had to ff the scenes 8x with the little one also watching), I ordered a stop halfway through the movie, too many f*** words.

Watched Shaolin last night and Amber's watching Diary Of A Wimpy Kid now.

Never watched so many movies in a week !