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Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

We celebrated with my father last weekend. An early Father's Day and I'm sure those with in laws will understand why. There's the father, the father in law and the hubs. 3 fathers and there's only 1 Father's Day.

My family celebrated earlier as they know we will make a trip back to hubs hometown to celebrate with his dad. We took FIL out for dinner, at 'New Lagoon Restaurant' Melaka Raya, currently the family favourite. Their coconut pudding rocks !!  No pics to show, lazy a** me always always forgets my camera and even if I do remember the camera, I forget to take pics. *eat first, shoot later*.. sigh..

I sneaked in a card and gift for hubs. Sneaked sometime to get Amber to scribble up lots of 'I LOVE YOU' in the card. She kept her lips zipped throughout the weekend and gave hubs the card early Sunday morning, and so, it's a surprise. Hubs is a very easy father to please.

We came back home after lunch yesterday, didn't want to get caught in the crazy KL-Seremban jam. Hubs wanted to watch Green Latern and since it's Father's Day, the father calls the shot. Had dinner at TGIF (again, lazy and forgot my camera). Hubs had bacon burger and I had grilled lamb, shared with Amber. The portion was so small and lamb, dry but Amber finished 80% of it. We also had complimentary buffalo wings, my favourite and I whacked it all. I'd very much prefer Hard Rock Cafe and American Chilli's over TGIF. I went to Hard Rock recently with a friend and the food really rocks !

Then it was popcorn and coke during the movie.. Amber kept her eyes closed and ears shut at some parts of the movie. Green Latern was good but some scenes were rather loud, I'd say and the little one couldn't take the excitement but she behaved and didn't annoy other patrons.  This is the 4th movie we've watched this month and the hubs and the kiddo is keeping tabs on all DC and Marvel movies. They're really movie buffs and honestly I'd rather spend the 2 hour shopping alone :)

That was, Father's Day for us. :)  How was yours ?