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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Backdated - Hubs Bday

Backdated  - 23 April 2011
Location - Renaissance Hotel, Vogue Cafe

Hubs celebrated his birthday at the Vogue Cafe. A small family affair with only his brothers and their family.  Ever since Amber came along, hubs b'day had always taken a step back, the little one's birthday do always outshines the fathers. 

Side track a bit back to 2006, the day Amber was born. Hubs bday was a day after. With a newborn in the house (I was discharged the following day), no one remembers hubs bday. We had breakfast in the hospital, he had his coffee fix, I had tomato soup. By night, he was getting restless already and invited our confinement lady to have coffee with him at San Francisco Coffee at Ampang Point while he claimed his birthday coffee treat. :D

Amber wore a lovely rose dress. My sister in law, Pearl, got this dress for her and I think it fits the my skinny princess perfect. She donned plenty of 'Barbie jewelries',birthday presents from her aunties.
She put on the accessories on her own - hairband, necklace, ring and wristband. All dressed up and she really puts me to shame :(
Birthday boy and his princess
Yuen Wen cheh cheh was there too and as usual, both of them created a ruckus.

The hotel obliged to my request for dairy free ice cream and gave Amber a cup of strawberry sorbet. Sometimes, all I've gotta do is ask and explain Amber's situation. Most reputable hotels will oblige.
The girls were in a 'gila gila' mood. Both dressed up to the nines but the climbed up and down chairs, laughed loudly and made faces  *sigh*... after a moment of nagging 'do-nots'.. I couldn't bother. Let the pictures speak for itself, on what they were up to.

*slap head*