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Monday, June 27, 2011

Over the Weekend

Another uneventful but busy weekend has passed. Uneventful is good. I prefer to stay home coz if I don't the housework piles up.

Saturday was spent finishing up part of her abacus homework. 4 pages this week. Lately, I'm not happy with her progress in school. Our arrangement with the teacher was a 1 to 1 coaching for Amber and we did pay her slightly extra for the arrangement of 1 to 1, 1.5 hours per week (group lessons are 2 hours) but lately her hours at the center is getting lesser. Last week, she completed a page of calculations in 15 minutes and that's all.. For a whole 1.5 hours in the center, she could do more but Ms P, her teacher, takes in other students for abacus and school level homework and I don't see how she can manage so many kids, all with different subjects to coach too. Hubs and I think we are getting a raw deal from her, we really should start looking somewhere.

I looked up another school on Sunday, a renowned mental arithmetic center and they did an evaluation on Amber. We found out, not all mental arithmetic are taught the same way. Amber's current method is different from what's taught the the renowned mental arithmetic center. Amber needs at least 2-3 months to 'undo' what's been taught, to 'cut old, copy and paste new method' to her memory. We've decided the change is good for her and the plus point is having a dedicated teacher who's willing to spend some time to 'undo the done' in her.

So, it'll be new class at a new center for her. She likes the place very much, more conducive and comfortable with air-conditioning. :D

I cooked simple meals for lunch and dinner. Too darn lazy for fancy schmancy cooking, simple and homecooked is good. I also steamed and freezed some lor mai kai for Amber's supper.  Her appetite improved lately and I must always have something in handy when little missy is hungry otherwise she'll be having cornflakes and soy milk every night for supper and cornflakes again in the morning.

The sharp tongued Amber said something that irked me. I was busy mopping the floor and pushing her to do her homework. I said.. everyone has their own homework to do. Daddy's is to feed the fish, her's is to complete her school work and Mommy's is to keep the house clean by sweeping, mopping and basically, just keeping things clean.

Her sharp tongue speaks faster than she can think, she said "Yours so easy only, just push the mop front and back only mah, so easy also !"

Grrrr..... she really talks too much for her age.

We've been maidless for 1.5 years, coping but at the expense of not giving her enough attention and not being patient with her. We are in the midst of hiring a helper and I pray hard to choose one who's trustworthy and would not run away ! *sigh*