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Thursday, June 2, 2011

cobwebs and crap :(

Been off blogging for a while. Been busy as a bee or sick as a dog. One after the other.
First it was me sick, then Amber, then Amber again and then me.  Taking turns, in and out of the medical officers office.

Today is one of the rare days I read papers in the morning. Usually I'll wait till late evening, after all my chores (laundry, ironing, folding clothes, ... what not la) and then something crops up or my eyelids need some toothpicks for support, I'll miss the papers. I'm so ashamed when a friend asked "didn't you read the papers???".

yikes !

I try to catch up with just a few minutes of flipping the papers while having my breakfast now and I found
2 crappy news in the papers today. One's a 71 yr old lady pining for her children she has not seen for 35 years. I really feel for her. Imagine the emotional baggage she has lugged for 35 years.. pining for her 7 children. Wondering how if they are well, thin, tall, married, with kids, etc ?  Wondering if they ever think of her, wondering if they'll ever want to see her again ?
For gawd's sake.. 35 years ??? I'm sure some of her kids would have been married and had kids of their own and would know how it's like pining for your own kid. Why hasn't any of the kids searched for her ? Didn't they ever thought of their mother's pain, leaving 7 kids behind ?  Crap !

Another crappy article ... or joke of the day, shall I call it ? 'Oat zhang' - a healthier alternative. The mere thoughts of having oats in my 'zhang' turns my appetite inside out. Yeah... oat as a healthier alternative but then add on the salted egg yolk, dried shrimps and fatty pork ? Healthy ka ?
Gimme a traditional 'bak zhang' with glutinuos rice, lean pork, beans and chestnut anytime.

Crap !!!!!!