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Monday, February 23, 2009

Amber's best friend

They say dogs are a man's best friend and it's true for Amber. Her best friend is Siaw Tien, the Ikea Gosig Spaniel (was Rm39 when we bought, a month ago, now on offer RM19 only, grr....)

She has to have Siaw Tien with her when she wakes up or go to bed and she always treats and talks to Siaw Tien like how we talk to her.

Here, she :

Mama, I bring Siaw Tien to school..

Siaw Tien sleeps with her. She puts ST to bed, tuck her in blanket and whispers ...
Siaw Tien, you want lotion or not ? you sleep ah.. i give you bolster ok ? You use yellow color blanket ah.. good night ah...

In moments like this, I pretend not to hear what she's saying, I don't want her to feel shy, I just want to immmerse myself in her conversation and hope it goes on and on

sigh .. the joy of being a kid and the joy of having a kid ...