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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Just came back from the dentist, really sien sei !

Last August, I had a filling redone. Nothing wrong with the filling but a bit worn out and I thought might as well just redo it and it's a start of a long series of problems.

After the refill, the whole upper tooth was very sensitive, cannot bite at all and sometimes, bits of food gets stuck, ie sesame seed and I accidentally grind on it ... very very painful.
Hubs keep telling me new fillings are like that, they'll wear out in a few wks and it will only get better.

But it did not !

I tahan until last month , went back to the same dentist. She claims my enamel has corroded and part of the dentyne is exposed, causing the sensitiveness. I just have to live with it ????

Tak tahan, I went to another dentist @ Sg Wang, reputable, reliable but very expensive. She spent 30 minutes trying to re-grind the filling, reduce the contact with the lower teeth, added some medicine to de-sensitize the teeth. If this works, I have to go back for a couple of sessions to apply the medicine. Sien sei ! Sien Sei ! Really sien sei ! and very nga toong, from paying for the dental sessions !

I have to apply this 'mousse' everynight before I sleep. Was using Sensodyne but dentist #2 asked me to stop. Sensodyne is not mean to be ingested for long term. GC Tooth Mousse = RM55 per tube. Nga toong or not ???

Don't we all dread visits to dentist ?