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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lap Chun

Today marks the beginning of Ox Year. Babies born from today onwards will be an "Ox" baby while those born before will still be "Rat".

Our friend, ES & Yoke Chin had a baby girl on the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year, therefore she is a little rat, same star as me :)

I was told it's auspicious to wear red and bank in some money to our bank account on Lap Chun day. Hubs and I each banked in RM88 to our bank account. The bank teller did not blink an eye so I guess we were not the only ones.

On a serious note, my good friend, Jo's dad was recently diagnosed with Stage 1 kidney cancer and need to have 1 kidney removed. He was hesitant to proceed with the operation since it was still chinese new year. It was initally scheduled for Monday but luckily Jo managed to change to to Thursdaym after Pai Thnee Kong. Let's hope Thnee Kong will bless and protect him for a smooth sailing operations.

Meanwhile, another blogger mom, Shireen has rescheduled baby C's kidney operation to later this month. I can see how much pain and heartbreaking it is to see your own baby go through the hardship and pain of kidney reflux. Many times when Amber drives me up the wall, and I want to lay my hands on her, I tell myself how lucky I am to have a happy, healthy child (although very very demanding)

Well, let's all pray this new spring year, spring pleasant news for everyone.