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Friday, February 6, 2009

Of Maids Lately

I'm really pissed off with my maid recently. Can't help but rant, esp after reading Annie's maid episode
There's only hubs, me and Amber at home, we leave for work at 8am and Amber goes to bbsitter. She's alone at home the whole day, sweep & mop floor, do laundry and basically that's it. I really don't know what she does other than that. We have a cctv and I think she's smart to avoid being detected by cctv coz I cannot see her from my remote viewer !!! Sometimes, I purposely give call home to see her running to answer the phone so I know which corner at home she's hiding.

Well, I've asked her to prepare easy dinner for me and I am in a rush to go pai nien in the evenings. 2 days ago, she fried fish (the easiest dish to cook) and I fried the vege. We were ready to dig in dinner and zoom off and she said "sorry mam,, i forgot to press the rice cooker'.. Aargghh!!!! got to wait another 20mins.

Yesterday, I instructed her to boil pork rib/peanut/lotus root soup. Dump everything to a half pot of water, start boiling at 3pm for 2hours ++ until I reach home. How difficult it this instruction ?? Came home at 5.30pm, again rushing to zoom off to pai nien. I open the stock pot and there's 3/4 pot of soup. Aiyo... so much water for 3 person !!! Got to wait how long to reduce the water to half pot ? Again ... grrrrrr... Nvm, i tot add salt and ajinomoto will do lah, hubs already hungry and waiting.. but somehow the soup still tastless, then she told me she started boiling the soup at 4.30pm !!!!! Major geram #2 !!!! my blood boiling faster than the soup. Cilaka betul, everytime I'm in rush, she screws it up. Can never understand simple instruction. Don't know also don't ask ! Again we were late, luckily, I stocked some Salisbury burger , quickly fry, eat and zoom off. We only had our soup later when we returned home at 10pm.

This morning, I asked her to peel some teochew mandarins for tonights lo-sang, I always keep the peels to be dried up for future use (taste very yummy with red bean soup and it has to be teochew mandarins, not ponkams !)
I asked her where were the previous peels ? She looked blank and told me she threw all away. Arrrghh.. major geram #3 ! I repeatedly told her to keep and dry them and told her why I need the peels and how delicious they are with red bean soup ! Sei mou ? Simple instruction also forget. Not like she has many things to do in the house !

I tried to keep my cool .. count 1-10 before I sound her. But everytime i do, my voice escalates as fast as my blood pressure. Some maids will just smile when reprimanded but not my tigress !She'll never say sorry but give you a blank-what-did-I-do-wrong-and-I-hate-my-employer-look !!!!!!! Always 'hark meen sun' !!! If she would just smile and apologize, then at least I can swallow her mistakes ! but .. scolding her... arrghh ! Tak boleh tahan any longer, I said :

You got mouth, ask lah ! scared forget, then write down ! Mam give you many things to do issit ? Always forget ! Never want to ask me questions. Only time you open your mouth to ask is to send money back home ! True or not ? You are already very lucky, no need to take care of Amber, no pets or elderly in the house ! What more do you want ?

Geram ! Geram ! Geram ! when she leaves I'm not getting another maid. Pay her and feed her to get my own blood pressure up ! Like my aunt warned me : got maid, 'sum toong', no maid, 'sau toong, keok toong, yew kuat toong' !