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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Father had an eye operation

Father asked if I was free and I said, no, not today or tomorrow. I had an interview to attend and we had some contractors coming over to fix the water leaking from the retention wall.
I felt so bad when he told me he wanted me to send him to his eye doctor. He's been seeing flashes recently. Father had an operation in 2000 for his glaucoma and something is not right despite his regular and diligent check ups.

Luckily father's good friend was very kind to send him to the doctors at Mid Valley. It's not possible for father to take taxi alone to see the doctor. Mid Valley is too big and confusing and he almost always cannot remember the location of the eye doctor.

Well, doctor diagnosed father's flashes was due to the immense ocular pressure building up and they had to insert a tube to release the tears. Operation had to be done immediately or else father will lose his vision.

The next day, eldest sis accompanied father to the hospital for the 1 hour operation. I had to sit in for hubs as he's home with the contractors.

Operation went on smoothly, father's vision is still blur, it'll take a month to regain his vision fully.

Have we ever wondered how we are going to live our old age with rising medical expenses ? Most medical cards cover up to age 70 but what happens if we live 10 or 2o years beyond ? Is it worthwhile for us to buy a medical card now and get ourselves covered but as we age, the medical card cost escalates yearly till we are 70 yrs old and then... no coverage !! Some medical cards are renewable up to 80 yrs of age but the premium is ridiculous and thinking about it, the amount covered will be so small then, with the rising inflation.

Sigh, the thought of rising living and medical expenses versus FD and EPF returns, aren't we all worried about retirement and ageing ?