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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

RM5 - Dinner for 3 ?

Can you believe it ? Here's what we had yesterday :

Siew Pak Choy fried with garlic - Rm1.50 for 2 bundles. The pic above is only half. I've eaten some and gave a big portion to my maid.

Tau Foo Kang : Great comfort food. Hubs favourite dish and mine too. Goes so well with steaming hot rice.
Recipe :
1 block of soft tofu - 80sen
minced pork - RM2 , season with pepper and soya sauce
1 egg - 40sen
spring onion - 20sen
minced garlic
fry garlic till fragrant, add dash of salt
add seasoned pork, fry till pork is fully cooked, dash in a little fish sauce .
add smashed tofu
add a large bowl of water
let it boil for 2 minutes
add little cornflour mixture to thicken
add in beaten egg
turn off fire and stir in chopped spring onions.
Simple, nutritous and easy dinner for abt RM5 for 3 people. You get fiber, meat protein, soy protein and carbs.