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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Winekaki Gathering - Hari Raya

*photo post*

Another post borrowed by hubs to memo down his winekaki gathering.
We gathered at Steve's on Raya Day 1. Since it was a holiday, everyone was relaxed and came early except for KK who flew in from HK and missed the earlier hours but nevermind, he came in just in time for the best wine. 

Steve and Fun called for a theme dinner, to jive food and wine, we had italian/western (KFC and PHD included) and moi cooked a pot of bacon aglio olio..

The selections :

Can't comment on the wines. I was busy with the kids and on iPad and didn't have many sips
 the gang
 the girl
 the kaki-s
 the guys

and kids played lanterns and sparkler :D

and that... was how we spent our Hari Raya  :D