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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Mother's Touch

I was out this morning for appointments and on the road when Amber called around noon.

Mommy... I don't want to shower. I fell down. A lot of blood. My hands and legs also got !!!

Since I was on the road and not too far from home, I turned back to check on her.

Both knees were bleeding and her elbow was grazed too but not serious.

Strangely this morning.. she showed me some 'surprise' she had in her bag, Disney plasters. She kept some in the bag pocket for emergencies and yes, emergency did happen today. Teacher washed her wound with water and pasted the Disney plaster over her 2 knees.

I checked and there wasn't any sand or debris in the wound and applied Dettol antiseptic to the wound. She cringed in pain but did not cry..

She thanked me..

Thank you very much Mommy !  I love you Mommy ! and gave me a kiss.

When I left for work.. she said again.. I love you the most Mommy !


moments like these makes motherhood sooo worthwhile :D