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Monday, September 5, 2011

How To Kill A Snake ...

You should not.. really !

One crazy afternoon, with one crazy news after another, I put Amber to bed and went down to make myself a cuppa coffee. Instead of heading to the kitchen, I walked to the living and looked to my front gate, to check on the weather. I was hoping it won't rain as the temples will be praying for Amber that same evening (another story - Amber had recurring nightmares and her por-por consulted the temple, was told some dirty spirits were disturbing).

I saw something awkward among my curtain/sheers skirting.. for whatever reason, it caught my attention and at closer look, I thought I saw a SNAKE !!!  I had to look hard, snakes are so clever at disguising themselves to the surroundings.

I called to my helper to check again and she jumped at the sight of snake. Called hubs and he asked me to call the Bomba. Very clever of him to shove responsibility. I didn't think a small snake (around 2 feet long??) warrants a call to the Bomba. I asked my helper if she's gutsy enough to kill it. My instant thoughts was Amber's safety and killing it made most sense. I cannot imagine what'll happen if Amber was watching tv in the living room and saw the snake.. sigh...

We went to the kitchen to look for tools... my helper found a dry mop with a flat base and I have the cangkul in hand... armed with our lifesaving tool, we started our mission.  My helper pounced on the snake with the mop and the snake hissed. mouth ajar.. she pounced harder and pressed on it. I used my cangkul to hack the snake but it won't break. 

What shall we do with a snake which wouldn't die ??? I dare not hack too hard, in case my floor tiles cracked.

In quick thought.. I told my helper to soldier on.. keep pressing down on the snake.

I boiled a kettle of hot water and poured down the snake. Gory .. but EFFECTIVE !!!

The snake shrivelled immediately and died.

Sorry Mr Snake.. I shouldn't have killed you and the fortune teller told me recently snakes visiting your home indicate good fortune flowing in,  if I didn't kill you but shooed you away.. good fortune will flow into my home ..   :(  Too bad, Amber's safety is my first priority !