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Friday, September 2, 2011

Angry Street

This is not the real thing but oh well... too cute to give it a miss !

Amber jumped on the Angry Bird bandwagon craze too. She has the Angry Bird lanterns, stationery, stickers, and tee-shirts but it's daddy and mummy whose crazy over the game. Hubs will hog the Angry Birds Rio and I play the Angry Birds Seasons on our family iPad.

I went to chee-cheong-kai ,, aka Petaling Street today to get some Angry Bird lanterns and I was looking around the street stalls for Angry Bird tees. Almost got conned by this :

I thought the yellow bird looks a tad furry but the guy told me it's the REAL THING.... he said.. neh.. the yellow bird.. can shoot and accelerate fast fast wan.. LOLOLOL  !!!!

I realised this is hybrid of Sesame Street and Angry Bird.  Very cute, nevertheless.

You'll never know what you can find in Petaling Street, till you step foot into the labyrinth of good food and imitation products.