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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Healthy Breakfast

I go to work with a little devil.. The little devil who's seated next to me. The little devil who drives me to work. The little devil named 'HUBS'... 

He'll tempt me with invitations for  Nasi Lemak at Dang Wangi, every other day !
Politely turned him down thrice and yesterday, he 'tak boleh tahan' and parked his car aside and asked me to get a take away pack for him. I politely did and packed '1 bungkus nasi lemak tapau, tambah telur'

The little devil named hubs even offered to share a pack with him.

'no' ...No cravings .. I'd rather have wholemeal crackers or toast with coffee and here's what I had this morning :


Wholemeal toast with passionfruit preserve and freshly brewed Americano.

I heart the Passion-ate preserve from Australia.  My kind dear friend from Perth gave us a jar. Bursting with passionfruit tanginess, it's a perfect pick-me-up in a rainy morning.

I hope I don't succumb to the nasi lemak temptation anytime again.